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The Pearl Cafe is a perfect blend of sophisticated French cuisine and elegant atmosphere

Walking into the Pearl Cafe in Missoula feels like walking into a restaurant in the French countryside. There’s soft music, soft lighting, and gentle colors. There are no televisions or phones-nothing to distract from the experience. The waiters are friendly, not formal, offering a people-pleasing style of service. In other words, it’s inviting. “I’m hoping …

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Beer here

MSU helps brew a better beer. From Mountains and Minds (Fall 2009) Click on “Beer Here.” Drinking beer is a simple act, but making beer is not. It starts out with genetics and tens of thousands of barley varieties and ends with a clear ambrosia that belies the time, effort and technology that went into …

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Should You Homeschool Your Kids?

In the 1980s Karilee Valeriano read A Way Home by Mary Pride and it planted the idea of homeschooling in her head. Years later, after she had married and moved just north of Livingston, she met a group of people who were homeschooling their children. So impressed by the homeschooled kids, Valeriano decided to teach …

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Microbreweries (Notebook)

I met brewer Todd Crowell outside Grand Teton Brewing Company (GTBC) in Victor, Idaho. Perched on the border of Wyoming and Idaho in the shadows of the Tetons, the brewery is the last business you see before crossing into Wyoming or the first as you enter the Gem State. GTBC is celebrating their 20th anniversary …

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