Sick days

Last weekend Henry was deep in Yellowstone while the boys and I hung out at home. Unfortunately, the boys got pretty sick. Just colds, but bad colds with fevers. Colds that made us stay in the house all day for three days.

We read a whole bunch of books, including:
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Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle

Then we picked a picture from the book

Eric Carle bear.

and tried to make something similar.

Anders bear.

Then we gathered up a bunch of recyclables to make sculptures. Anders wanted to make a horse, so of course, Finn wanted to make a horse, too.

Recycled sculpture horse

Anders complies with my request to stand next to his horse for a picture.

Finn agreed to a picture after first refusing for ten minutes.

Then they were so tired that they went to sleep on their own. Finn is a known napper, but the fact that Anders went to sleep on the couch by himself shows how poorly he felt.

We are all feeling better now and I hope there are no more inside-only weekends in our (near) future. I missed the cold air.

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