Sing and bleed

They had a little hoedown while we were donating. And they even made us sing.

When my brother was visiting he got an email from the blood people reminding him it was time to donate again. The blood collectors LOVE people like me and Scott because we have the best blood there is: O Negative. Ok, maybe it’s not the best blood, but we are universal donors, so they can give our blood to anyone without it killing them. You AB people can’t say that ;).

It was a good reminder to me that I should get back on the blood donating schedule. Between traveling internationally, being pregnant and nursing, and just feeling a little busier than I like, I got off the bloodmobile for awhile. But that all changed today. So, here’s a reminder to you, even if you are not O Neg, give blood. It only hurts a little.

This is how you keep kids entertained while you are attached to a bag of blood: Jetsons episodes on the iPad.

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