Skiing and hot tubbing at Mammoth, Yellowstone

On a gray and cold (0F) Sunday we met some friends in Yellowstone for a ski on the Upper Terrace trail. Then we rented a hot tub. It was a day of indulgence–fancy restaurant lunch, hot tub rental…but once in awhile you just have to have a little fun.

We’re so hot the earth steams.

Working hard, or hardly working? Pulling a 40lb sled up a hill is nothing for H.

David and Brook ham it up.

…and the downhill.

H and David check out a particularly cool (and by that I mean hot) hot spring.


Photographing the spring. I don’t know who that guy is, but he provides false scale.

The other side of the spring.

H and Anders pause for a steambath.

David flies down a hill.

Looking down on Mammoth from the top of the terraces.

The Upper Terraces.

Brook, David, Anders and H try to catch up with Finn and I. We’re speedy.

Sweet wide angle lens? No, just good cropping.

Tree with the sun behind it. H liked the lighting.

The trailhead at the end of our tour.

Finn is snuggy.

Anders mugs for the camera while eating lunch.

Hot tub, cold day.

Happy baby is happy. Happy baby’s hair is frozen.

Contemplative boy is contemplative.

Serious man is serious.

Sleepy and frozen, but only from the neck up.

Driving home. I was asleep seconds after taking this photo.

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