Solstice 2011

It may be my favorite holiday of the year, winter Solstice.

* The morning started with new jammies. Homemade pants, and shirts from the thrift store. Seemed to make sense for the longest night of the year. We also adopted a polar bear for each of them through Polar Bears International.

* I wanted to spend the day in the woods, but not everyone was into that plan. So we settled on Anders and I walking around a local fishing access site/dog walking area while Finn looked at books in the truck. Diesel found a Yule log for us to use in our day-after-Solstice fire.

* In the evening we went over to a friend’s house to celebrate both Hanukkah and Solstice. We made pomanders that represented the sun, ate lox and bagels, listened to my friend Deena tell us the Hannkkah story and lit the Menorah. Then we finished up with solar cupcakes and a song to welcome back the sun.

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