Status update

Did you see that video about Rigby? Wow, he is cute!

What are the other cuties in my life up to these days?


Waving like a maniac
Enjoying other people (he was a mom and dad ONLY guy for quite a while)
Standing for a few seconds at a time
Smiling, smiling, smiling (unless he is hungry, tired or you don’t pick him up quickly enough)


Chatting away (he can talk non stop for hours with only an occasional “uh huh” to keep him going)
Imaginary play (so many stories in his head)
Swimming, running, playing


In two days he brought me flowers and mopped the kitchen floor (in addition to everything else he does around the house and with the kids)
Getting his broken tooth fixed (beware of the Costco muffin)
Editing, editing, editing
Playing outside with his family

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