Suce Creek Monday

We took advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to hike up Suce Creek. I’ve blogged about Suce Creek before here, here and here. It’s 15 minutes from our house and so pretty. Nothing really spectacular, but a lovely creek, spring flowers and lots of green.

glacier lily


spring beauty (that’s its name, not my description)

pasque flower



shooting star



super cool orange fungus

Anders gets out of the pack to hike.

See, I can -and do- carry both of them sometimes.

“Aaarh!” said the baby pirate.

Dad rocks!

Eating rocks, again. I don’t know how many pictures I have of baby Anders doing the same thing.

View on the way up to the ridge.

Finn and I take a little nap on the trail.

Water break.

arrowleaf balsam root

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