Suce Creek ski

The day after our Lone Mountain adventure I got to take a little ski by myself. Not quite by myself, the dogs came, too. And I took a lot of pictures of them.

We went up Suce Creek, the closest trailhead to Livingston. I parked about a mile from the trailhead and skied up the road to the trail. It was really cold and quite pretty. Rigby only got into carcass once and since there was little left (he ate it and threw it up all over our yard when we went to get our Christmas tree) he came back pretty quickly.

Just before we headed into the woods.

Rest break.

You know you are going to have fun when you see that sign.

Suce Creek.

Snowy eyelashes.


A super cute photo of Diesel Dog.

One of two moose we saw on the ski down the road.

There it is again.

3 thoughts on “Suce Creek ski

  1. Granola Girl

    Don’t the dogs lose their minds when they see another animal like that moose?

    Our dog is convinced she can kill anything, regardless of size, and demands we pay attention while she begins freaking out about trying to get it. However, she is probably quite a bit less intelligent than Rigby.

  2. Mel Post author

    A moose ran over the top of Rigby when he was about a year old. That pretty much cured him from approaching moose. And I don’t think our lab, Diesel, even noticed, believe it or not. He’s too obsessed with his stick to look up.

  3. Mel Post author

    Oh, and the moose didn’t even stop eating. There was one on either side of the road. I think they are used to people, because they always hang out there.

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