Summertime and the living is easy

When you live in small town America, the fourth of July is not just one day, it’s the whole weekend. God bless America.

The boys are taking a whole lot of swim lessons this summer. When I think of what I want the boys to learn while in our company, it includes reading and swimming. Also, treating people well. Since Anders can already read (and Finn isn’t too far behind) and they are both pretty sweet, we are focused on swimming.

After lessons and lunch we rode bikes down to the rodeo grounds to watch the slack rodeo. If you don’t know what slack is, you can check out this post from a couple years ago.

Finn: straw hat, 70s style shirt, untied shorts, boot slippers. Anders: Straw hat, Grateful Dead shirt, “western pants” (his words), too-big boots.


Bull dogging.

Eating cookies. Their mom sure had changed her tune.

Poor steer.

Rhea Lynn (in white shirt) was my Little Sister (as in Big Brothers Big Sisters) before Anders was born.

Finn just couldn’t make it through the rodeo.

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