On Sunday we were hanging out in our suspiciously clean house when Henry’s friends started arriving. It was a surprise party!

While we were in Maryland I emailed a few of Henry’s friends and asked them to come by and celebrate his birthday. I wasn’t very organized, but several people came by, brought appetizers and had a little fun.

H’s school chums John, Parker and George.

Madeleine, Brooke and Peter

A slew of kids.

Backlit Sara and little Lu.

H blows out the candles with a little assistance from Anders.

Yes, he was surprised.

One thought on “Surprise!

  1. Karyn

    Your house looks super-cute. I love the color of the green paint and the contrast of the black frames. It looks like you guys have the same fireplace grate as we do. (Since I don’t know H, I will refrain from birthday sentiments and stick to these home decor comments.)

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