The other night we made sushi. Although H and I have eaten our fair share of sushi, neither of us have ever rolled it ourselves. No time like the present to try. We spent the afternoon preparing the ingredients and then rolled our little hearts out.

Turns out we all love sushi.

First we made the sticky rice. Rice + water, washed in a little vinegar and a bit of sugar.

Broccoli. That’s Anders’ favorite vegetable. And carrots.

Delicious portabello mushrooms marinated in a secret sauce. Finn loved these.

A little Japanese green tea.

Carrot slice to please Anders.

Plum sake to enhance the mood.

Asparagus to further increase Anders’ (and ours) happiness.

A little cream cheese and wasabi.

All the ingredients ready to go.

Oops, forgot the avocado and smoked salmon.

H spreads the rice on the nori.

Getting ready to eat.

We love sushi!

It’s not pretty, but it sure was yummy.

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