Kids’ table

Before dinner

The aftermath…

On Thanksgiving:

* The Harrison boys played with the Hawthorne boys (and Todd) while Deena and I went to the gym. Sidenote: PX90 plyometrics is painful, but makes you feel like you deserve extra pie.

* We joined all the Hawthornes at Chico Hot Springs for Bloody Marys, soaking and vigorous swimming (on the kids’ part).

* Dinner at the Hawthornes (oh yes, it was a very Hawthorne Thanksgiving) with Dorel, Beau, and Kiris and Gray.

The day after Thanksgiving:

Needing a day off.

* We took the dogs for a walk.

* We watched movies and rested.

Hope all my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving. And for the rest of you, I hope it was a wonderful regular day.

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