The lodge

Staying on the lodge is like being on a ship at sea. The wind outside batters, rain splatters on the window and the whole thing rocks. The other similarity is that you can’t get off. Once you leave the launch pad outside of Churchill, everyone stays on the buggy or the lodge. No one gets to run around on the tundra with the bears. If you are out for some reason, you need to have a gun. Polar bears are cute, but they aren’t friendly.

The lodge is also like a train. Cars are lined up and attached to each other like train cars. Going from the sleeping car to the lounge car requires a quick trip outside. And hold the doors, because they just might blow off.

Wonder what the Tundra Buggy lodge looks like? You are in luck.

For one, a couple of bears have been hanging out near by.

A bear checking out the lodge.

This bear was less than 100 yards from the lodge.

These bears are fasting for about 8 months while they wait for the ice to freeze up. Occasionally, they snack on kelp, like this guy.

Jane works in the kitchen/dining room.

The dining car.

The lounge car where they socialize and hear presentations. Some of the presentations are live, others are Skyped in.

One of two sleeping cars.

A bunk.

You get to pop outside when crossing between cars.

3 thoughts on “The lodge

  1. Debi

    I am giddy with excitement to see pictures of the inside of the lodge. Brings back a lot of memories. Have any of the bears tried to give you a sniff yet?

  2. Mel Post author

    No bear sniffs, yet. The weather is kind of crummy (in the bears’ opinion) so they are kind of hunkering down right now.

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