The Prince’s Rainforests Project

From the title of this post you must be thinking, “Rigby started a rainforest preservation group?”. Remember, Rigby is a boy princess*, the prince referred to in the title is an actual prince: Prince Charles.

From Ecorazzi

In an effort to seek solutions to the destruction of the world’s tropical rainforests, Prince Charles has created The Rainforests Project. The organization — with part of their mission to make the trees worth more alive than dead — has just launched a new website to bring people together on the issue and relate all of the effort they are undertaking to make a difference.

And here’s an interesting angle: they’re not looking for money. Just support and a willingness from those visiting to tell others about the importance of the issue.

Watch the video and see what you think.


Surf on over to the website to learn more about what is going on in the rainforests of the world and what you can do to help. Try not to get too stressed out by the counter on the top of the page.

*Back when I worked for the Bozeman Recreation Department I took a group of 15 girls (ages 9-14) on a backpacking trip. Of course, Rigby came along despite the “NO BOYS ALLOWED” rule. In those days I called Rigby my “princess”. He didn’t care, but the girls did. So we compromised and decided to call him a “boy princess”.

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