The Spa Motel in White Sulphur Springs

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Do you know what one of the best things about homeschooling is? We can go wherever we want, whenever we want. Within reason, of course. We always use reason.

Today we wanted to check out the new pool at the Spa Hot Springs Motel in White Sulphur Springs. I don’t know why there is a “ph” in Sulphur, but that is not a misspelling on my part. The town was probably named by a homeschooler who never learned to spell because they were too busy soaking in hot springs.

However you spell it, the new pool is pretty nice. It took us a while to get in since it is a tad warmer than the original pool — 104F versus 98F. Those 6 degrees made all the difference to the boys. After I won several foam noodle fights in the original pool (what? Do you think I am going to let them win just because they are little?) they were ready to try the new pool.

We give it two pruned thumbs-up.

Anders dips his toe in and decides it’s too hot.

The pools.

Scheming in the corner of the new pool.


Henry’s kids.

I love how this tree was incorporated into the mural.

Want to go?

Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic

Open everyday, 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

adults – $7; seniors (Over 65 yrs.) & 13-17 – $6;
6-12 – $5; 3-5 – $3; Under 3 – $2;
motel guests – free.


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