THE veggie burger

Since I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of plastic around here I’ve been making more and more from scratch. Most of our food was homemade anyway, but I’m stretching a bit. I’ve tried a couple veggie burger recipes, but haven’t found one we really like. Until now.

Enter the Black Bean Fiesta Burger. It’s black beans, sweet potatoes, and no plastic bags.

I subbed balsamic vinegar for cider vinegar (since that’s what we had and I LOVE balsamic). And we didn’t have a jalapeno so I used a carrot. Not an equal swap, but probably better for the boys. They were a little soft, so I might have to add flour or something. Or we’ll just eat them sloppy.

I paired the burgers with roasted sunchokes. I’ll definitely be adding this to the meal plan. You should make them tomorrow.

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