The Weekly Fly

I was checking out a friend and fellow blogger’s site (it appears that Brooke is just as addicted to blogging as myself) and she posted a trailer of a steelhead flyfishing flick.

This made me want to post about Henry’s–actually Reel Action Media’s–new website, The Weekly Fly. Each Monday he posts another video of fly tying experts tying their favorite flies.

Morrison's Minnow @ <a” title=”Morrison’s Minnow” />

Check it out and tell all your fishing friends about it. If you stumble, be sure to stumble upon this site. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it!

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  1. Mel Post author

    If there was a way I could make blogging about my life and the things I think about a paying job, I’d do it in a second!

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