The Most Annoying Dog Ever!

April 8, 2008

This is the dog that lives across the street. If you live within 10 blocks of us, you know of whom I speak: the most annoying dog ever.

Evil Dog

“What have we done to deserve this?”

Mr. and Mrs. Yappy tie this dog (basically an Ewok on meth) outside directly across from our open living room window. It then proceeds to bark non-stop all day long and into the night. I hate this dog.

Dog barks

In action…

To get the bad taste out of your mouth, I’ve posted a picture of a very sweet dog that does not bark nor drive the neighbors crazy.

Sweet Rigby

Don’t you wish you lived across the street from him?

2 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Dog Ever!

  1. becky

    I wanna live across the street from sweet Riggers! MK misses him. He has entered a life of leisure since entering his “senior” years…which consists of sleeping in the sunshine (preferably on the couch), short runs around the neighborhood to re-mark his territory, and lounging in b/c skin tracks whilst eating copious amounts of dog treats scavenged from unattended backpacks. Rigby must come over and enjoy the good life with him 🙂 Hugs to you!

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