The New Wolf Hunters–A Film About People and Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Winter is the best time to watch wolves in Yellowstone National Park, but we often don’t consider what the influx of visitors means for the wolf.

Personally, I love standing in the snow, eye to spotting scope, watching these canines romp in the snow, instruct their pups and go about their everyday wolf-lives. However, it is getting to be a zoo out there–and I mean the people, not the animals.

From Terra:
“Ten years after a successful reintroduction program brought wolves back into Yellowstone after an absence of 70 years, the dust is beginning to settle. However, a new and problematic issue is emerging: the once hated wolves are now beloved. Thousands of people come to watch and photograph them each year. But can the newfound popularity of wolves be too much of a good thing? Join biologist Doug Smith as he fights to keep people from inadvertently loving wolves to death.”


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