What to do in lake bled, visit Savica Slap in Bohinj

Things to do in Bohinj, Slovenia in Winter

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top Slovenia destinations must include BohinjFirst, you have to know that Bohinj is an area – not a town. It’s a big valley in northwestern Slovenia centered around periglacial Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko Jezero) and in Triglav National Park. Second, you need to know that there are a lot of things to do in Bohinj in winter.

The Bohinj area is not as well known as Lake Bled, but it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The Bohinj Valley is a 20 km long, 5 km wide basin in the Julian Alps. The Sava Bohinka River runs through it. Because people are more familiar with things to do in Lake Bled, Bohinj is less crowded with tourists and a little wilder.

If you were reading carefully, you saw the words “alps, lake, and river.” Those geologic features practically guarantee outdoor fun.

If you don’t want to plan your own fun, try one of these Bohinj tours.

Lake bohinj Slovenia is one of the prettiest spots in Europe

Lake Bohinj is surrounded by the Julian Alps
Bohinj pic from Wikipedia By Matevž Lenarčič – ‘Monografija Alpe’, CC BY-SA 2.5

As you can see from the video (below), our fun was thwarted a bit by the ice and rain, but the Bohinj Valley really is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. If you like winter sports in Slovenia, or anywhere, this is the place for you. And it the weather isn’t quite what you are looking for, there is indoor fun to be had as well.

I had my Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket to keep my dry (I should have brought rain pants, too!).

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What to do in Bohinj


SNOWSHOE Or cross-country ski

Snow sports, snowshoeing in Bohinj SloveniaThe Pokljuka Plateau in Triglav National Park (Triglavski Narodni Park) is between Lake Bled and Bohinj and you can easily access it from either area. Anders and I snowshoed up there as one of the things to do in Lake Bled, and we could have departed from our hotel in Bohinjska Bistrica just as easily.

Bohinj is the best place to cross-country ski in Slovenia and there are more than 70 km of groomed tracks in the valley and on the Pokljuka plateau. The trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. Backcountry skiing is also big here.

At Vogel Ski Center, primarily an alpine ski area, there are some cross-country ski trails and room to snowshoe. Stay off the downhill runs, of course. While the groomed trails are shortish, the view from there is supposed to be spectacular. We originally planned to take the cable car up to Vogel Ski Center and snowshoe around the base, but since it was raining, we opted out.

The Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka, on the Pokljuka Plateau, where Anders and I snowshoed, has many kilometers of groomed Nordic and biathlon ski tracks. You’ll need a private car or taxi to get there, as buses don’t run that way in winter.

Rent snowshoes or skis from Hike & Bike or at one of the ski areas.

Check the current ski conditions here.


Alpine Ski

Vogel Ski Centre is just a bus ride away from the small towns around Lake Bohinj. The bus stop and parking are at the bottom of the mountain. A cable car takes you up to the lodge and lift service begins there. Since you start high above the lake, you can take in beautiful views over Lake Bohinj and the Julian Alps while you ski.

In addition to 193 acres of varied ski terrain, there is a children’s park with magic carpet lifts, tobogganing, and a carousel. The website says, “Parents can watch their children from the terrace in front of the Viharnik Inn at the upper Vogel cable car station.” I assume they mean with a Snuggler in hand.

Access the ski area via the Ski Bus, regular bus, private car, or taxi.


things to do in Bled bohinj slovenia, water parkGiven the weather and the proximity to two high energy kids, were lucky to find Bohinj Vodni Park right across from Hotel Tripič, where we were staying. The boys slid down the two water slides, spidered up the climbing wall. There are also saunas, a gym, and massage rooms for those whose main goal is not to tire out their kids.

hike to Slap SavicaVisit Slovenia to hike to a waterfall

Slovenia's best waterfall is near Bled bohinjDespite the rain, we decided to get out and take a short hike to Slap Savica, a 338-foot double waterfall. France Prešeren, Slovenia’s famous and revered poet, wrote, “As in its wrath, its foam flies to the skies!”

The waterfall didn’t seem that wrathful to me, in fact it was a delicate stream landing in a turquoise pool. Savica had been frozen just a day or two before, but now the water was rushing over the limestone and the creek was roiling.

We took a taxi to the trailhead and the bus home. In winter, the bus runs to the village of Ukanc and the Vogel Ski Center stop. We walked back along the road to the Vogel bus stop because the trail to Ukanc was crazy-icy. If it wasn’t icy, the trail would be the nicer way to go. Both routes are about 4 km.

Mostnica Gorge

Mostnica is an alpine river, punctuated by gorges and waterfalls, running through the Voje Valley. Start the walk in Stara Fužina. Entrance to the area is free in winter. More information here.

Ice Skate

Like at Lake Bled, you can ice skate on Lake Bohinj when it freezes thoroughly enough, which is not every winter. There are also a couple human made ice rinks.

Bohinj Accommodations

Where to stay on Bled Bohinj is Hotel TripicWe stayed at Hotel Tripič in Bohinjska Bistrica. The family room had a bedroom, living area, and a huge loft. It was roomy and comfortable, perfect for a family.

We loved staying at Hotel Tripič and think you will too.

If there is one thing I learned from traveling in Slovenia, it’s that half-board is the way to go. Not only did we have a huge and tasty breakfast, a several-course dinner was included in our stay. Hotel Tripič was ideal for exploring the Bohinj Valley and close to the aquapark.

You can find the best deals on other accommodations in Bohinjska Bistrica on TripAdvisor.

Half board at the best place to stay in Bohinj, Hotel Tripic

How to get to Bohinj

A top Slovenian destination, Bohinj is easily accessed by car, bus, or train.

Bus timetables.

Train timetables.

Do you have other recommendations for things to do in Bohinj in winter? Leave them in the comments!


More things to do in Slovenia:

And one more things…. our friends from WorldTowning visited the area in October and it rained — a lot. Now we are starting to wonder if all those sunny photos are faked :)! The only way to find out is to take a summer trip ourselves.

Plan your winter trip to Bohinj Valley, Slovenia. When you travel Slovenia, you don't want to miss this top spot.

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22 thoughts on “Things to do in Bohinj, Slovenia in Winter”

  1. Edith H. Conyers

    Oh goodness it looks like you all had a really good time! Thanks yet again for sharing!

  2. I understand where you are coming from with the Aquapark to tire out the kids, I hope it worked! I have never tried to walk in snow shoes or tried cross country skiing, I found these activities really interesting. I’m going to Slovenia this fall, I guess I have to make a trip during winter for this!

    1. Nothing really tires the kids out! 🙂 but it takes the edge off. Slovenia will be gorgeous this fall!

  3. I’ve never participated in any winter sports before and don’t think I ever will (I’ve read way too many horror stories!) but the Aquapark looks a lot of fun! I’m actually getting my first taste of Slovenia tomorrow – only for a few days in Ljubljana/Lake Bled, but hopefully a longer trip is on the horizon! If it falls during winter I should have to take some of your advice on Bohinj!

    1. You will have a great time in Ljubljana and Bled. And there is a lot to do there without having to participate in any sports!

  4. You seem to have a really good time going around bohinj. The landscapes with snow and trees and mountains and waterfalls are surreal. I was not sure when you mentioned in the start that it is one of the most beautiful part of Europe but by the end of it, i see why it might be.

  5. Bohinj looks beautiful. I’ve only been to Lake Bled but would love to explore more of Slovenia. I would love to try cross country skiing and those views are unbelievable!

    1. I wish we had done some cross-country skiing. I was working on an article about snowshoeing and we really only had one snow day. Next time!

  6. Sounds like Bohinj is a great place! There’s so much to do! I would love to visit and do all of the winter activities like snowshoeing!

  7. Looks like such a beautiful place and I never even knew that it existed. That waterfall is so beautiful and it almost looks like the pool would be great to swim in but I am sure it was insanely cold haha 😛

    1. Ha! Yes, it would have been a little chilly for swimming! That color does make it look inviting, though.

  8. It looks like you made the most of it in your time in Slovenia! I visited Slovenia in 2015 and went to Postojna, I was only there for a few hours before we moved onto Croatia.

    1. We went to Postojna, too and really enjoyed it. Even after a month in Slovenia, I felt like there was a lot more to explore.

  9. The nature looks amazing there. I’m a terrible skier, so I’d probably stick to hiking and relaxing in the aquapark if I was there. I’m sure the food at your hotel was great (and I love mountain lodges like that).

    1. There is plenty of hiking in the Bohinj Valley. I wish we had time to do more of it!

  10. Slap Savica looks stunning but I’m a sucker for a waterfall. I am not a snow enthusiast so I like the idea of the massages and sauna! I had no clue that ‘snow shoeing’ was actually a thing!

    1. How funny. Snowshoeing is a pretty big sport in snowy areas. The massage would have been nice, too!

  11. Slap Savica looks beautiful. Love the video and the way your kids say “.com” , super adorable. have never done Snowshoeing. Winter is almost over so maybe need to wait for next winter to try my hands on all the fun activities

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