This week

Henry spent the week in Jackson at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. The boys and I had five days to get into some serious fun. Of course, when we are having this much fun you can’t expect me to take pictures.

There was playing in the park, making muffins, coloring (I did photograph that), farmers marketing in the rain, long walks around town, desperately pulling in the tomatoes as the thermometer dropped precipitately and more.

On Wed. Mogie and Big H came over while I went into work for a few hours. And of course, there is Tues/Thurs daycare. So, I guess we didn’t really spend the week alone.

I’m a cowboy baby.

Bootless in Bozeman.

Peach fruit leather.


Finn isn’t sure what he is doing, but he sure likes to get a crayon in his hand.

Speed coloring.

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