Tips for lazy runners

1. Have a team to cheer you on.


Anders has his goggles at the ready since I go so fast they get wind blasted.


2. Enter races to keep you motivated to train. Then set high expectations for yourself on race day. My goal is always to finish and to not be last. You know, in the two races I did this summer.

3. Use resistance to build strength and stamina more quickly. I push a 80 pound stroller for added workout.

4. Have a goal, such as a beer.


Meggan and I at the end of the Night Owl Run.


4 thoughts on “Tips for lazy runners

  1. Debi

    I’ll have you know that when I ran my first (and last) marathon, I came in dead last in my age & gender bracket. And I couldn’t have been more proud. You go, girl!

  2. Mel Post author

    hmmm the Pub 317 run does sound perfect! will you be there to inspire me?

    debi- If I ran a marathon I would be totally thrilled to finish. I would be thrilled to start! I love finding out how hard core you are.

  3. abbie

    This is hilarious! With the stroller that we have and my two big girls we are pushing 100 pounds. I just can’t run that far or that fast with them anymore so my cheering section doesn’t get to help me out that often. I ran in my first race this summer too and that was awesome! Great motivation but I like the idea of the beer better.

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