Earth Day, Grow Rooms, Throwing up & Grandparents

April 23, 2008

How did you celebrate Earth Day, yesterday? We ate free vegetarian tapas at Livingston’s only veggie restaurant, The Night Spot. They have the best food in the region (and not only because it’s vegetarian), but have been closed for awhile. Now, they’ve reopened with a new format and the same amount of deliciousness. If only I could eat there everyday…

The weather still stinks. Cold, gray, rain and snow (but not enough rain or snow to make it worth bearing the cold and gray). I know it is against state law to complain about precipitation or cold weather, but it sounds like we will have fire problems this summer despite having endured this winter/spring. Gov. Schweitzer is warning us that we will have to go it alone since so many National Guard Troops are in Iraq and there is some law that we can’t borrow NG Troops from other states (we learned that lesson when Montana tried to send helicopters to LA after Katrina).

So, I keep gardening inside while the chickadees pick at the grass seeds I put out on the lawn. I had to move my growing operation to the basement because the room I started it in was just too cold for those little seeds. I added a wall of tinfoil to help reflect the light and just about everything has sprouted. Hopefully, no one looks in the window, sees the aluminum foil and fluorescent light and gets the wrong idea. At least there isn’t mylar on the windows…


These nasturtium will not only add lovely orange and yellow flowers to the garden, but will provide a spicy addition to salads.
Sprouted seeds

Next time I’ll put the light a little lower so the plants aren’t so spindly, but at least they are growing!

This morning we got a call from Anders’ daycare that he had thrown up, so Henry went and picked him up. By the time they had driven the 10 blocks home, Anders was asleep and stayed that way for the next 1.5 hours. He’s a little crabby, but basically seems fine.

Anders sleeps off sickness

Anders sleeps off the puking.

After getting up from his nap and playing a little bit, Big Henry and GranMogie stopped by on their way from Michigan to Ennis. I think they’ll be out in Montana for about 6 months, so Anders should have a great time bonding and playing with his grandparents. We had a really nice visit, but didn’t take any pictures…next time.

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