Top Fall Color Websites

Did I mention that I love fall? Since I can’t be everywhere, here are some of the best fall foliage websites for your perusal.

1. The Foliage Network was developed to provide accurate foliage information for the northeast, southeast and midwestern United States. During the months of September, October, and November, The Foliage Network collects data from foliage spotters twice a week. This data is collected, plotted, and analyzed by The Foliage Network. The end result is The Foliage Network Report which is transmitted to newspapers, television stations, and web sites.

2. The USDA Forest Service provides links to fall color updates around the country. provides maps of fall foliage for the U.S.

4. Check out a bunch of webcams pointed at autumn colors at

5. Find out why leaves change color at Science Made Simple.

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