Tower Falls ski

Last weekend we took our annual ski trip with the Sacred Mysteries Bookstore crew. We skied to Tower with them last year and around the Mammoth Terraces the year before. And Tower again, the year before that, but I guess we didn’t take photos.

Tower Falls is a mostly frozen waterfall in Yellowstone. In the summer you can drive within 100 yards of the falls, but in the winter you get to ski 2.5 miles up the road to see it.

Team “Ski Tower” gets ready for the big day.

Playing at the picnic table.

Henry tries to wrangle the boys off the berm and into the truck.

Team Ski Tower glides into the parking area.

Dave…our fearless leader.

If you can’t get them off the berm, join them.

That bathroom is going to be occupied for a long time.

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