Tribute to Rigby

August 25th was Rigby’s 7th birthday. According to my vet, that makes him a senior citizen. Rigby doesn’t know that, though.

August 25th is also Henry and my anniversary. We went out to lunch to celebrate. Finn joined us, but Anders was unavailable.

Here is an email I received that day.

Happy birthday to Finn (a little belated, sorry, but so were you)!

And happy anniversary to you and Henry.

But most importantly…

Happy birthday to Rigby! The cutest dog in the whole world! Possibly the cutest mammal in the whole world.


You know this is a good friend because every year he sends an email for Rigby’s birthday. I’m not even sure how he knows when Rigby’s birthday is since Rigby wasn’t yet born when I lived in Eugene (which is where I know Chris from). But, he put it on his calender and remembers every year.


Rigby and I share a kiss…

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