Two Dog Night

I first learned what a 3 Dog Night was when my mom came out to visit me in Missoula in 1995. We planned to drive up to Glacier National Park, but as it turned out the road was closed due to snow. We made it as far as Whitefish.

Now some people think it gets cold in Montana, but my mom finds southern California chilly enough. It can get down to 45F in the winter and she was in the market for a down comforter.

Somewhere along Flathead Lake we passed a store that specialized in down comforters, so we stopped in to do a little research. That’s where we discovered that the term “three dog night” comes from the Aborigines in Australia (others say the expression originated in Alaska, which seems to make a bit more sense).

Depending on how cold it is, you may need to sleep with 1, 2 or 3 dogs to stay warm through a long winter night. The comforter store rated their blankets as 1 Dog, 2 Dog or 3 Dog.

In our house it is always a 0 Dog Night as we have heat and our very own down comforter. But, tell that to Diesel. He’s a sensitive boy who does not like to lay down on our hardwood floors (unless he is very hot). Unfortunately for D-Dog there is only one dog bed upstairs. If Rigby has taken the bed, Diesel paces around, stares at Rigby and sometimes whimpers. If he gets desperate he’ll lay down on the bed with Rigby. Rigby does not enjoy that; for him it is always a 1 Dog Night.

Two Dog Night

Rigby stayed here for almost 10 minutes. That’s record tolerance for sharing the bed.

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