Visiting the Safari Park

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Visiting the Safari Park and planning your visit with a Safari Park map.I’ve been visiting the Safari Park since 1980, back when it was called the “Wild Animal Park.” My grandparents moved to Escondido then and took us a couple times. Once I had kids of my own, I was anxious to show them the “wild zoo” I loved as a kid. We toured the park for two days in 2011, but the boys have no recollection of that trip (why did we do so much when they were little?), so we had to go back and make lasting memories.

I wanted my boys to be entertained, but also to absorb the conservation message. While it’s cool to see these animals up close, it’s also important to understand that these critters (and all creatures) need habitat protection in their native ecosystems. Whether that means mitigating global warming or stopping poaching (or both!) my kids and I have a role to play. That may be the most powerful part of visiting the Safari Park.

Visiting the Safari Park


Most people think of big African animals when they think of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. And that makes sense, since the mission of the park is to conserve and educate about those animals.

In addition to the elephants, giraffes, okapi, gorillas, and other critters, we were lucky enough to be there when there were several babies around.

The tiger cubs were the cutest and we watched them wrestle and play for a long time.

The rhino baby was pretty cute, too, as cute as a rhinoceros can be, anyway. It had been ten years since the Southern white rhino named Holly gave birth before this little one came into the world. Turns out the food Holly had been eating had high levels of phytoestrogen, which inhibited pregnancy. They switched the food and the baby was born. The take home message? Be careful what you eat.

Gardens and Natural Areas

Flowers and gardens at the San Diego Zoo Safari ParkThe animals are neat, but I love the gardens. In addition to the Bonsai Pavilion, Conifer Arboretum, Epiphyllum House, Herb Garden, Jungle Garden, Nativescapes Garden, and other designated gardens, there are plants everywhere. Visiting the Safari Park is as much a visit to a botanic garden as it is a zoo. And there are acres and acres of southern California chaparral that are left undeveloped in perpetuity to protect native plants and animals.

Keeping Cool and Playing

Playing while visiting the Safari Park. Animal statues to climb on.Southern California can get hot. Fortunately, there are several splash pads and water play areas strategically places around the park. Kids LOVE that kind of thing, so find them on the map and plan accordingly.

There are also dry play areas throughout the park. Because sometimes kids can’t take another step, but they do have the energy to climb all over the monkey bars.The Wet Zone for cooling off at the Safari Park

Safari Tours

There are a lot of ways to experience the park, what they call “Safari Tours.” We took the Africa Tram, which is included with admission. The balloon, cart, zipline, ropes course, behind the scenes, and all the other safaris are an extra charge.

Since we went on a spring weekday, we didn’t wait long for the Africa Tram, but on summer or weekend days it might be worth paying the reservation fee to skip the line. Don’t miss this tour – it’s the most iconic experience in the park. And you get to rest your feet while cruising the African savannah.

Know Before You Go


Buy them at the park or online.


The Safari Park website has a page where you can plan your day so you don’t miss anything. Then print it out and take it with you. Alternately, grab a map at the entrance and go for it. That’s what we did.


The park is open every day of the year, but check the website for specific hours as they change seasonally.

Food and Drink

There are a zillion places to buy food and drinks, but it is pricey. We brought our own lunches and water and splurged on ice cream.


Parking is not included in the entrance fee. There is a parking shuttle, so don’t worry if you end up parked at the bottom of the hill.


Strollers, lockers, and motorized wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis near the entrance.

More in Escondido

Thanks to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for complimentary tickets. The opinions expressed here at TravelingMel are always my own.

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13 thoughts on “Visiting the Safari Park”

  1. You were so close to me! Our preschool does a trip here, and the tickets are only $10. You can almost always find a school or homeschool group to tag along with to get really discounted admission and free parking. Looks like you guys had a great time!

    1. Really? Are you in Escondido? My grandparents lived there for many years.

    1. We had a blast. They were begging to do the zipline, so we’ll have to put that on our agenda for next time.

    1. I think they will. They don’t remember the first time we went, but I think at this age it will stick with them.

  2. This looks a super fun day out! I am hoping to go to San Diego this year and, if we do, we’ ll definitely visit the safari Park. My kids would love it: animals and trams together make for a slice of heaven in their book 🙂

  3. San Diego sounds like a great place for a family getaway, and I’ve always heard amazing things about the zoo. This definitely will be a must visit when our daughter is a little older. She loves giraffes. I’d love to take her to a place that resembles a safari.

  4. This place sounds like it is focused on taking care of the animals and making sure they are healthy. It also sounds very educational which is a great way as the kids get to learn and have fun at the same time.

    1. Exactly. I am not a huge zoo person, but I think places like this have a role to play in teaching conservation.

  5. This is a useful article! Always good to see the animals out in the wild though!

  6. I’m really impressed with the story of Holly the White Rhino. Just a change in her food and she could be pregnant after 10 years!!! That’s a very beautiful story.

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