I Voted!

As warm winds blew through Livingston this morning (perhaps a portent of change? If so, this would be one of the most dynamic communities on earth) I headed out to the polling place.

In a primary season that has (exhaustively) lasted from January 3rd to June 3rd, Montana has the privilege to be the last best place to vote in the primaries. You may be thinking, “Wait, doesn’t South Dakota vote today, too?”. Very astute. However, since our polls close an hour later than the ones to the east, we get the last say.

I won’t tell you who I voted for, but he or she was not listed on either of the ballots I got to choose from…I had to write in my candidate. (It wasn’t Rigby, although I did consider a vote for him, but we disagree on his free carcass for everyone policy.)

Polling place

Pulling up to the polling place at the Fair Grounds. What could be more apropos than voting somewhere with “fair” in the name?
Vote Here

I like clear directions.

My unfilled-in ballots.
Dogs wating

Not quite as cute as sweet Rigby, but pretty darn adorable, these two dogs wait for their person and wonder why they don’t get a say in the governmental workings of this country. They probably have more sound ideas than some folks. Not sounder than yours, of course.
I voted

Proof that I completed my civic duty. You are welcome, America.

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