Walking the farm

We’re in Maryland, Denton Maryland, that is. H’s parents are spending the winter here and they flew us out to get in a little grandson time. They are renting a farm house on six acres with a couple ponds and along a river. Quite lovely.

On Monday we went over to Susannah’s house–my super cool sister-in-law. We had lots of fun and H took all the pictures.

On Tuesday we went for a nice walk around the farm.

John Deere made Anders and Finn very happy.

Grumpy driver.

Watching the Tuckahoe River.

Termite piles below a rotten log.


More pics here.

One thought on “Walking the farm

  1. Karyn

    They have a John Deere tractor kids can climb up into like that at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and Si used to love to go there. Sometimes you had to stand in line though, not so on the farm. Great pics!

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