Warming weather

Spring in Montana: 50F days followed by snow and negative temperatures, then right back up to 50F. The upside is all the snowing and warming means puddles. Who likes puddles more than a two year old?

Snow on our fence.

Our sidewalk.

Finn eating sweet potatoes. I’ve been trying to get him to eat solid food for over a month, but he has other ideas. After this photo he threw up all over himself, me and the kitchen floor. Gallons of vomit came out of his nose and mouth. I’ve never seen so much come out of someone so small. Then he did it again.

Anders playing the Exersaucer, which is way too small for him.

Chillin’ on the floor.

After the snow melts we head down the sidewalk for some puddle-stomping.

Finn reacts to all the splashing.



More jumping

Making “sun-dried” tomatoes in my new dehydrator that I found on Craig’s List for $10.

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