Water Table and Birthday Party

A little out of order, but here is post from Saturday…

Yesterday the UPS man dropped off a water activity table at our front door. It was a gift from Anders’ cousins Harrison and Colton. I was pretty excited because I’ve been wanting to get one for Anders, but haven’t rushed out to find one since it has been so rainy.

As luck would have it the clouds parted yesterday, the sun shone and Anders got to try out his new toy. Then he and his dad played with it again today.

Shoes on

Shoeing up to go outside.
Water Table

Scooping water at the water table.
Dumping water

Dumping water back into the water table.
Drinking water

Drinking water from the table is just as fun as scooping and dumping.
Henry and Anders

Father-Son self-portrait.

After some water table fun we headed down to Sacajawea Park for a 2nd birthday party for some friends’ daughter. After a quick round of “Happy Birthday” and some cake eating, the kids headed into the playground for swinging, sliding, crawling and jumping. Anders primarily dug in the dirt with a plastic spoon.


The birthday girl claps after blowing out the candles.

Party-goers wait for the cake to be cut.
Anders eats cake

Anders enjoys a piece of birthday cake.
Party at the park

Party at the park.

One thought on “Water Table and Birthday Party

  1. Anders' Dad

    Another Excellent post. I would also mention that whenever we take Anders outside, he heads straight for the water table and wants to play whether its filled or not.

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