What Do You Know…about Montana?

Over at The Black Table Brad has listed six things you don’t know about Montana.

Montana Postcard

Here’s a little sampling (which I stole from David at Big Sky Blog).

1. No, we’re not all survivalist freaks. Plan a move — or even a visit — to Montana and the first, second and last question anyone will ask is if you’re off to become an anti-technology right-wing hermit/gun nut in a rundown log cabin somewhere

2. We’ve also got the country’s largest Superfund site, and it’s so big that to call it a “site” doesn’t do it justice.

3. Yes, Virginia, Montana does have a speed limit!

4. Think of Montana as your home away from home. If you’re rich, anyhow.

5. And so there remain, like the tingling of ghost limbs, residual rites of passage required of newbies, and these tend to revolve, Fear Factor-style, around the eating of nasties.

6. If Montana were to secede from the union to become its own sovereign nation (and don’t push us, man, we’ll do it), we would instantly become the world’s fourth-largest nuclear power.

You really should read the whole thing.

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