When H is away, the kids will play

It’s not all cooking, freezing and canning around here. Sometimes we get out and have a little fun. Anders, Finn and I drove down the valley to Chico Hot Springs.

We walked the dogs along Emigrant Creek to start the day.

Finn fronts Emigrant Creek.

Rigby checking out the riffles.

Diesel wonders if this can be fun without a tennis ball.

Anders recalls the fun he had in the pool.

Finn gets his groove on.

Lunching on the lawn.

Even though we had so much fun, a little part of me wished I was up there.

Imagination is a big part of Anders’ world. He usually comes up with scenarios that are based in real life or one of his books. Then he comes up with his own twist.

This is the computer Anders made.

A little coloring to end the day.

When Henry got back in town we had our friends Kathy, Mike and baby Phoebe over for dinner. Phoebe was less than entertained by us.

Kathy and sleepy Phoebe.

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