When they don’t nap

Today the boys pretty much refused to nap. They were in their respective rooms (correction, Finn was in the portable crib in OUR room and Anders was in their room), they were in their respective beds, but there was no sleeping.

I could have gotten frustrated and tried to force it, but I decided to roll with it instead. I grabbed our always-packed-and-ready-to-go Chico bag with one hand, stuffed Finn under the other arm, told Anders to boot up, and headed out the door for an afternoon at Chico.

As you may recall, the boys WERE NOT TIRED. They refused to sleep. They had more energy than a hopped-up clown. Until we got in the car. Finn promptly fell asleep and started snoring. Anders was able to keep up a constant monologue.

We got to Chico (about a 25 minute drive), I took Finn out of the carseat, Anders hopped out, we walked through the Grille, past the pool and into the changing room. I set Finn down and here’s what he looked like.

One thought on “When they don’t nap

  1. Karyn

    I had such a hard time getting Si to nap – and he would always fall asleep in the stroller or the car seat and never at nap time. Roo is a napper – it’s a totally different experience having a kid who naps!

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