Where did this 5-year-old come from?

More than any other age so far, five-years-old surprises me. Who would have thought that little baby would get this old? He’s out buying cigarettes and beer right now.

Today is Anders’ birthday, but yesterday was the party. We had the wild animal-themed celebration at the civic center in town. It’s a gym where kids can go crazy running around, throwing balls and hula-hooping. I love an easy party.

Drawing animals.

Hopping like frogs during the animal races.

Blowing out five candles.

Sticking it to the pinata.

Cheesey smile with Rob.

Wild animal themed goody bags made from a skirt I found at a thrift shop. It’s much cuter as bags, trust me.

The service learning portion of the party.

Happy birthday, Anders!!

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