Wild West Winterfest

Today the boys and I decided to experience the west. That’s what was promised to us by the Wild West Winterfest organizers.

And experience the west, we did. As we do everyday since we live in the west. We did have fun though. There were kids’ activities, a horse sale (good thing Big H wasn’t with us or they’d have another horse :p ), dog agility, wagon rides and a whole lot of animals to check out and even some to pet.

Anders ropes a (wooden) steer with the help of a Bridger Rodeo Club member.

Anders is ready to ride. Finn watches on. In this flag event, Anders must ride his steed to a couple barrels, and plant his flag.

And, he’s off!

The flag is safely in the barrel.

The boys check out a horse trailer.

Checking out a horse trailer.

Taking a ride on a horse-pulled wagon.

Holding hands and goat watching.

Cute, cute piglets.

The rare chicken-pony.

One thought on “Wild West Winterfest

  1. Karyn

    That’s a Plymouth Rock chicken on that pony there (we have one, I gotta do a chicken post soon)! Those piglets are so cute!

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