Wilsall parade and rodeo 2011

On Sunday, Anders, Finn and I donned our cowboy boots and Western shirts and headed north 28 miles to Wilsall, Montana (population ~250). Since it was Father’s Day, Henry spent the day in Yellowstone with his father and a few cameras.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I imagine this video is worth a million words– in just 2.17 minutes!

The music is by the Ringling 5. It describes the amount of water that has been falling from the sky and flowing down our rivers well, even as it chafes at my environmentalist leanings (and I lean hard that way).

When in Wilsall…..


Please note how bundled up we are considering it was June 19. Jeez- I am wearing a scarf! But, it didn’t rain.

One thought on “Wilsall parade and rodeo 2011

  1. Big H

    Loved the boys on the gate.
    You are ONE NEAT MOM!!!!!

    Lots of love.


    Hope to see you Wednesday, if all goes well with Mummo. (?????_

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