Wolf watching day 3 (afternoon) – Rescue Creek

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Day 3 (afternoon)

After Heather left for Cody, I decided to take a little walk up the Rescue Creek Trail. I only hiked for a couple hours, but saw plenty of wildlife, big gorgeous views and some lovely flowers.

Rescue Creek trail is pretty exposed for the first few miles, probably for the whole trail. It was cold and a bitter wind almost dampened my enthusiasm. But it didn’t.

Watch out for bears and rattlesnakes. Tough to keep an eye out for both at the same time.

Looking up the Yellowstone River canyon (Black Canyon).

Looking back towards Gardiner and the Gallatin Range.

Watching sheep from the trail.

The Gallatins, again.

See that snake at the top of the frame? It rattled at me while I was looking for bears.

Zooming in on the rattler.

Trail heading over to Rescue Creek.

Bright lichen.

Pronghorn spied from the trail.

Right now you may be asking yourself why there haven’t been more pictures of plants. Don’t you worry, they’re coming up.

Gardner River near the trailhead.

Fall colors for you.

Lots of bluebirds on the trail.

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