Yellowstone: Day 4

Heather had to leave early on the fourth day of our Yellowstone vacation. I, however, did not. I took a little hike on the Blacktail Trail to the Yellowstone River.

There was a sign at the trailhead warning of a grizzly on the trail the previous day. I figured that since the big bruins have a territory of 100 square miles, it was probably long gone by the time I got there. I still did a whole lot of yelling as I walked down the trail.

Total mileage: 7.5 miles

No bears down there.

Wolf track near the pond.

I followed these tracks almost all the way to the river.


Bridge over the Yellowstone. It was closed for construction.

Looking downstream from my lunch spot on the river.

Looking upstream.

Ranger cabin that I wish I could live in.


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