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{Yosemite} Merced Grove and Vernal Falls

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Visiting Yosemite, hiking through the Merced Grove and to the top of Vernal Falls were some of the highlights of our November roadtrip. I mentioned in my last post how familiar and wonderful it felt to be back in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Now it’s time for some pictures.

Our first stop was the Merced Grove to meet some Giant Sequoias.

Leaves in the shape of a flower.
Nature art on the trail.
Small boy in a large grove of trees.
Approaching the first Sequoias.
Two boys at the base of four large Sequoia trees.
Must always carry stick. Little boys in the big tree grove.
Looking up at the top of trees.
Sequoia top.

We slept in the tent cabins in Curry Village. Not quite camping, but not a hotel either.

Lit up sign says "Curry Village."
Our home for three nights.

The next day we walked to the top of Vernal Falls. This is a walk my mom, brother, and I always did when I was a kid. Scott and I traveled this way to get to the top of Half Dome. My friend Jen and I slogged up here after driving all night from Humboldt State University. There have been backpacking trips and day hikes that started here. My point? This is my trail. Despite the pavement and the crowds (not in November!), I love this walk.

This hike in particular, and Yosemite in general, should be part of any West Coast bucket list.

Boy stands on rock with hands in the air.
King of the World…and a photobomber.
Three person selfie.
Happy on the trail.
Two boys on a large boulder.
Climbing rocks about halfway to the top.
Narrow waterfall fronted by yellow maple trees.
A little peek at Vernal Falls.
Granite steps leading to a waterfall.
Many, many granite steps along the Mist Trail. Not much mist while we were there.
The top of a narrow waterfall.
The bottom of a narrow waterfall.
A boy looking over the top of a waterfall.
Overlooking the falls.
Lunch break on a slab of granite by the river.
Lunch break and a cuddle on a slab of granite by the river.
Granite in the foreground and a short waterfall in the back.
Lunch view.

More photos here and here.

And find five easy Yosemite hikes if you want to see a lot of beauty without too much effort.

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