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28 Hot Springs in Montana

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Montana hot springs elkhorn hot springs
Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana

Hot Springs in Montana

So many little hot spring resorts in Montana, surrounded by National Forest lands or perched in the middle of open valleys provide retreats unlike anywhere else. These places provide the opportunity for outdoor adventures followed by hearty food and blissing out in hot water. Montana also has a few undeveloped hot springs for those looking for a wilder experience.

There is nothing quite like sitting in a hot spring in Montana in the middle of winter, with snow floating from the sky and your friends and family nearby. I encourage you to get out and try as many of Montana’s hot springs as you can. I am!

chico hot springs in the fog is one of the best hot springs in montana

Best Hot Springs in Montana

Thanks to a hot spot below the earth’s surface, there are a bunch of Montana resorts and spas. This article covers the best hot springs in Montana, but also the worst—it covers them all. And really, there is no worst hot spring, because they are each funky and unique in their own way. Whether you are looking for hot springs in Montana with lodging and fine dining, hot springs with water slides and a family-friendly vibe, or a little hot pot off in the middle of nowhere, you can find it in Montana. There are even some private hot springs that take a little more effort (money) to get to.

In my opinion, visiting a hot spring is one of the best things to do in Montana and if you are looking for outdoor hot springs near me, this is the place to go.

Immediately below, you will find a list of hot spring locations and whether each is a hot spring resort or an undeveloped or “wild” hot spring. Click on the Montana hot spring you are most interested in or scroll past the list and read about each hot spring in more details and with specific directions to the Montana hot springs location.

Montana Hot Springs Resorts

Click on the hot spring name to be taken directly to its details.

  1. Yellowstone Hot Springs — Gardiner, Montana
  2. Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa – Pray, Montana
  3. Bozeman Hot Springs – Bozeman, Montana
  4. Norris Hot Springs – Norris, Montana
  5. Potosi Hot Springs – Pony, Montana
  6. Pipestone Hot Springs –  Whitehall, Montana (historical)
  7. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Anaconda, Montana
  8. Elkhorn Hot Springs – Polaris, Montana
  9. Jackson Hot Springs – Jackson, Montana
  10. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – Paradise, Montana
  11. Wild Horse Hot Springs – Hot Springs, Montana
  12. Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths – Hot Springs, Montana
  13. Big Medicine Hot Springs – Hot Springs, Montana
  14. Rose’s Plunge – Hot Springs, Montana
  15. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat – Hot Springs, Montana
  16. Lolo Hot Springs – Lolo, Montana
  17. Lost Trail Hot Springs – Sula, Montana
  18. K Bar L Ranch and Medicine Springs – Augusta
  19. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs – Saco, Montana
  20. Broadwater Hot Springs – Helena, Montana
  21. Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa – Boulder, Montana
  22. Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic, White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Undeveloped Hot Springs in Montana

  1. Boiling River – Yellowstone National Park
  2. Upper Potosi Hot Springs – Pony, Montana
  3. Renova Hot Springs – Whitehall, Montana
  4. Nimrod Warm Springs – Missoula, Montana
  5. Angela Well Hot Springs – Miles City, Montana (CLOSED)
  6. Hunters Hot Springs (historical) – Springdale, Montana

Map of Montana Hot Springs

Montana Hot Springs Map Key
  • light blue = developed hot spring
  • dark blue = undeveloped hot spring
  • orange = historic hot spring (no soak for you!)

Hot Springs Near Montana

Geothermal activity know no border and hot springs in western Montana blend right into hot springs in Idaho. Check out that post if you are crossing into the Gem State.

What is a Hot Spring?

A simple hot spring definition is “Hot spring, also called thermal spring, spring with water at temperatures substantially higher than the air temperature of the surrounding region.” They can also be called geothermal springs, meaning they are produced by the internal heat (thermal) of the earth (geo).

How do hot springs work and how do hot springs form? “Most hot springs discharge groundwater that is heated by shallow intrusions of magma (molten rock) in volcanic areas. Some thermal springs, however, are not related to volcanic activity. In such cases, the water is heated by convective circulation: groundwater percolating downward reaches depths of a kilometer or more where the temperature of rocks is high because of the normal temperature gradient of the Earth’s crust—about 30 °C (54 °F) per kilometer in the first 10 km (6 miles).”

In the case of natural hot springs in Montana, they are heated by magma beneath the earth’s crust and the earth’s crust is pretty thin here. A crack or fissure forms in the earth and water flows into it. Because heat rises, water is pushed up to the surface. If the fissure is narrow and there is a lot of pressure, the water erupts as a geyser (not good for soaking). If the fissure is big enough and there isn’t a lot of pressure, the water either flows out the spring or pools at the top, making a hot pot or hot spring. And Montana has some of the best hot springs in America.

The Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park

Hot Springs Near Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has the most famous hot springs in the U.S, but most of them are off limits to soaking. Fortunately, there is the Boiling River Hot Springs near Mammoth Hot Springs Wyoming, in the north part of the park. Additionally, Chico Hot Springs is just north in the Paradise Valley. Both hot springs offer different experience for Yellowstone area visitors and residents who want to soak in hot water.

Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa – Pray, Montana

Chico Hot Springs MTOne of the most well known Montana hot springs resorts, Chico Hot Springs Resort is a turn-of-the-century, rustic, retreat snuggled into the Absaroka Mountains. Since we live about 30 minutes from Chico, we spend a lot of time there. It’s a nice mix of locals and visitors. We like it best after cross-country skiing in Mill Creek or hiking in the mountains nearby. There us usually a great band in the bar.

Chico features an outdoor swimming pool and an attached, covered soaking pool. Chico Hot Springs resort is known for gourmet food—much of which is grown in the onsite hot springs gardens and year round greenhouse—great local bands, and luxurious spa services. If you are looking for a hot springs dining experience or one of the best Montana spa resorts, you can’t beat Chico.

From Bozeman to Chico Hot Springs is about a one hour drive and incredibly scenic.

Chico Hot Springs Montana

  • Make your reservation for Chico Hot Springs Lodging on their website. You can find all the Chico Hot Springs rates there.
  • #1 Old Chico Road, Pray, MT, 1.800.468.9232
  • Chico Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Hotel guest (free), Senior ($3.50), Adult ($7.50), Kids 3-6 ($3.50), Kids 0-2 (free)
  • Chico Hot Springs Hours: Hotel guests (7 am – 11 pm daily), Day guests (8 am—11 pm daily)
  • Other Things to do Near Chico Hot Springs: horseback riding and dog sledding through the resort, Yellowstone National Park is about a half an hour drive away, plenty of hiking in the Absaroka Mountains, fly fishing and boating on the Yellowstone River.

Read more about Chico Hot Springs in this post and get a 360-degree view on our YouTube channel.

Boiling River – Yellowstone National Park (CLOSED)


UPDATE: The Boiling River was closed in March 2020 and still hasn’t reopened. It didn’t seem like it was going to reopen anyway, but the catastrophic flood in June 2022 probably didn’t help. We are in a “wait and see” mode for this hot spring.

The Boiling River Hot Springs is another one of our favorite spots. It can get really crowded in the summer, so get there early. It is one of two places in Yellowstone where you can get into a hot pot. (The other is the Firehole River Swimming Area, but it’s only lukewarm.)

You park in Montana, but soon enter Wyoming on the half-mile trail. At the soaking area, a six-foot wide stream of hot water pours over a travertine ledge (like a mini hot springs mountain) into the Gardner River. Users have piled rocks to create a soaking area where the 140-degree water mixes with the cold river. Read more about these scenic hot springs on our other website: YellowstoneTrips.com.

Boiling River Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming

  • Find the best deals Boiling River Lodging in Gardiner here. Or stay at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Yellowstone. Find campgrounds in the park
  • Two miles south of Gardiner, look for parking lots on both sides of the road, near the Montana/Wyoming border in Yellowstone National Park, WY, 307.344.7381
  • Boiling River Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Yellowstone National Park entrance fee
  • Hot Springs Hours: Daylight hours, closed in late spring and early summer when the river is high.
  • Other Things to Do Near the Boiling River Hot Springs: All things Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Hot Springs – Gardiner, Montana

People soaking at Yellowstone Hot Springs, one of many Montana hot springsYellowstone Hot Springs is about ten minutes north of Yellowstone National Park and is the newest developed hot spring in Montana. It sits above the Yellowstone River with terrific views of the mountains on both sides.

There are 4,000 square feet of mineral hot springs divided into a big pool (102-degrees F) with two smaller pools inside it (one is a cold pool at 67-70-degrees F, the other is hotter than the main pool at 104-degrees F) and a kneipp walk. Kneipp baths are hydrotherapy tools popular in Germany and Austria. They are often found near trailheads and in wellness centers. You walk up to your knees in hot and cold water — usually on pebbles or while being massaged by jets of water.

There is a small, clean changing room, showers, toilets, and sinks for men and women. They sell a few snacks, but you can picnic outside, near the pools with your own food. No alcohol. The hot springs are on the property of the Church Universal and Triumphant, which has its headquarters across the river, and they are open to the public.

Yellowstone Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on Yellowstone Hot Springs lodging here. (Put in your travel dates to get the best prices.)
  • 24 East Gate Road (Cinnabar Basin Road), Gardiner, MT, 1.833.977.7464
  • Yellowstone Hot Springs Prices (4/19): Senior ($15), Adult ($18), Kids 6-11 ($12), Kids 0-5 ($5) Montana and Mammoth residents/Veterans w/ ID ($10)
  • Yellowstone Hot Springs Hours: Winter — Friday (12 pm – 8 pm), Saturday (8 am—8 pm), Sunday (11am-6pm)
  • Other things to do Near Yellowstone Hot Springs: All the Yellowstone National Park things to do, horseback riding, hiking in the Absaroka Mountains, fly fishing and boating on the Yellowstone River.

Hot Springs Near Bozeman, MT

In Bozeman MT, hot springs are not far away. Because it’s not far from Yellowstone and the big plume of magma beneath its surface, there are several hot springs near Bozeman. Although, Chico is listed in the Yellowstone section, it is just a 50-minute scenic drive from Bozeman. There aren’t any hot springs in Bozeman, but Bozeman Hot Springs is 10-15 minutes away and Norris Hot Springs is about a 45-minute drive, so there are several natural hot springs near Bozeman MT.

Bozeman Hot Springs – Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman Hot Springs and Fitness outdoor poolsBozeman Hot Springs is a fitness club with 12 pools (three outdoors) with temperatures ranging from 59 to 106 degrees. There are wet and dry saunas. Filled with Montana natural hot spring water, the indoor pools are drained and cleaned every night and because they are on a flow through system, no chemicals are needed.

There is also a fitness center, with a separate fee, so you can work out before you soak. A summer campground and cabins are located at the facility. If you are looking for hot springs near West Yellowstone, this is your best bet. Other than the Firehole River Swimming Area in Yellowstone, which is warmish but not hot, Bozeman Hot Springs is the closest thing to West Yellowstone hot springs.

Bozeman Hot Springs

  • Find the best deals on Bozeman Hot Springs Lodging here. If a hotel near Bozeman Hot Springs isn’t your thing, the Bozeman Hot Springs cabins and Bozeman Hot Springs campground are open in summer. Reserve your spot here.
  • 81123 Gallatin Road, Bozeman, MT, 406.586.6492
  • Bozeman Springs Prices (1/18): Senior ($7.50), Adult ($8.50), Kids 5-13 ($7.50), Kids 0-4 ($4.00), passes and memberships available.
  • Bozeman Hot Springs Hours: Monday-Thursday 6 am – 11 pm, Friday -6 am – 4 pm, Saturday 5 pm – 12 am, Sunday 8 am – 11:00 pm
  • Other Things to Do Near Bozeman Hot Springs: Museums, hiking, restaurants, shopping in Bozeman. Downhill skiing at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky. Hiking in Gallatin Canyon.

Norris Hot Springs – Norris, Montana

At Norris Hot Springs they say you can soak in the Water of the Gods, in fact, some people even call it Water of the Gods hot springs Montana. It is a pretty cool place. It’s funky, to be sure, but that’s what we like about it. The pool was built by miners and is basically a fir plank box without a lid.

Norris used to be owned by a cranky, but entertaining, woman (Doris from Norris) who spray-painted rules on the walls. And she often misspelled them. The infamous “no lose dogs” sign is still there.

Today Norris is known for great music in the dome and good food – much of it grown in the geothermally heated greenhouses on the property. And the pool is still great for soaking.

Norris Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on Norris Hot Springs Lodging here. Make reservation at the Norris Hot Springs campground here.
  • 42 Montana Hwy 84, Norris, MT, 406.685.3303
  • Norris Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Senior ($5.00), Adult ($7.00), Kids 0-12 ($3.00), Music cover ($2.00)
  • Norris Hot Springs Hours: (Sept – May) Thursday, Friday, Monday 4 pm- 10 pm, Saturday/Sunday 10 am -10 pm, (June-Aug) Wednesday – Monday 10 am -10 pm.
  • Other Things to Do Near Norris Hot Springs: Fly fishing or floating the Madison River, hiking in Bear Trap Canyon, soaking in Potosi Hot Springs or Bozeman Hot Springs.

Potosi Hot Springs – Pony, Montana

Potosi Hot Spring Resort is not open to the public. However, there are four cabins you can rent via Airbnb that give you access to the indoor and outdoor pools. They are situated on the northeastern flank of the Tobacco Root Mountains and surrounded by National Forest. The Potosi Hot Springs cabins are adjacent to hiking trails and sleep six.

Potosi Hot Springs Montana

  • Rent a cabin at Potosi Hot Springs Resort here.
  • Pony, MT
  • Other Things to Do Near Potosi Hot Springs: Fly fishing, hiking, soaking in Upper Potosi Hot Springs, drinking at the Pony Bar.

Upper Potosi Hot Springs – Pony, Montana

Upper Potosi Hot Springs
Photo: Bozeman Chronicle

Upper Potosi is about the same distance from Butte as Bozeman. It’s located near the town of Pony and is undeveloped. The water is a little murky, but the soaking area can fit about ten people and is deep enough to be fully submerged. Water in the pool is 104-110-degrees, according to Jeff Birkby’s “Touring Hot Springs: Montana and Wyoming.”

Upper Potosi Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging near Upper Potosi Hot Springs here. Airbnb also has a few cute cabins in the area. Use this code to get $40 off your first Airbnb rental. Or stay at the Potosi Campground.
  • From Harrison travel west on Pony Road for about 7 miles. At Pony, take South Willow Creek Road south for 10 miles. Follow the signs to the campground. Park at the campground and ford the creek to the trailhead in the southeast corner of the campground. Follow the trail about a mile. Upper Potosi Hot Springs are about 10 yards downhill from the trail. Look for the log fence and a path leading to them. (You passed them on the way up the road and probably saw them below you.)
  • Other Things to Do Near Upper Potosi Hot Springs: Camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, touring historic Pony, Montana.

Hot Springs Near Butte MT

There are a handful of hot springs near Butte, Montana. Fairmont Hot Springs (Anaconda Hot Springs) is between Butte and Anaconda, Elkhorn Hot Springs is west of Dillon, Boulder Hot Springs is between Butte and Helena, and Potosi, Upper Potosi, and Renova hot springs are within a short drive.pipestone hot springs resort

Pipestone Hot Springs Resort – Whitehall, Montana (closed)

While locals are known to use this hot spring, it is officially closed and you will be trespassing if you don’t get permission from the landowners to visit. But, the history is interesting, so here it is.

I found this tidbit in a master’s thesis from 1982:

“According to one source, the Pipestone Springs were located in 1862 by John Paul. As a young boy, Paul was indentured to a hard master in northern Missouri. Running away to Springfield, Illinois, he was befriended by a young lawyer by the name of Abraham Lincoln. Miss Ollie J. Bames and her brother in 1875 purchased the springs. Four years later, she bought out her brother and continued as sole owner. She built a hotel, a new barn and a guest house.”

I like the Abraham Lincoln connection.

Jeff Birkby wrote in Touring Montana and Wyoming Hot Springs:

“An abandoned hot springs with decaying resort buildings easily seen from a public road. A large quonset hut about 200 yards east of the road contains the swimming pool, which for a time was an open-air facility. A steady stream of hot water can be seen flowing from the pool building area, past the old guesthouse, under a footbridge, and then under the gravel road where you are standing.

To the west of the road stand an old wooden dancing pavilion and a smaller drinking pavilion located over one of the springs. About a hundred yards southeast of the hotel, along the banks of Pipestone Creek, you might catch a glimpse of the 19 remaining guest cabins hidden downstream among tall cottonwoods. Developed, but in ruins.”

Pipestone Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging near Fairmont Hot Springs in Anaconda or Butte.
  • Take I-90 east from Butte or west from Whitehall. Exit 241 and turn south onto Pipestone Road. Go 1.0 mile and turn left ontoHot Spring Rd/Pipestone Rd. Drive 240 feet and turn left onto Hot Springs Road. Pipestone Hot Springs Resort Ruins are on the left.
  • Other things to do near Pipestone Hot Springs: Listen to the Ringing Rocks, cross-country ski or mountain bike at Homestake Lodge, swim in Delmoe Lake, tear it up on an ATV.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Anaconda, Montana

With a large indoor swimming pool, a gigantic outdoor pool (with a 350 foot water slide) plus two soaking tubs, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Montana is one of the largest hot springs in the region. Our kids love the water slide (it’s pretty fun for adults, too), and we love sitting in the pool with a drink. The indoor pools are great for people more comfortable in shallower water and lap swimmers. If you stay in the hotel you have unlimited access to the pools and slides. The Fairmont natural hot springs are something to return to again and again.

In addition to water activities, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Anaconda MT offers a golf course, tennis courts, children’s playground, wildlife zoo, lawn games, and a spa. There is a dining room, café, and a lounge/bar, so you never have to leave the facility.

Don’t get this Montana hot spring resort confused with the resort of the same name in British Columbia, Canada.

Watch the video of one of our visits to Fairmont Resort Montana for a first hand experience on the slide.

Fairmont Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging near Fairmont Hot Springs in Anaconda or Butte. Or stay at the resort. The Fairmont RV Park has hooks ups and tent sites. Or stay at the Fairmont Hot Springs Montana cabins (Fairmont Chalets) within walking distance of the hot springs. We haven’t stayed at the Fairmont Hot Springs cabins, but they look nice.
  • 1500 Fairmont Rd., Fairmont, MT, 800.322.3272
  • Fairmont Hot Springs MT Prices (1/18): Senior $5.75 (Fri-Sun $6.75), Adult $9.75 Fri-Sun $11.75), Kids 0-10 ($6.75 Fri-Sun $8.50), Slide (One ride – $2.00, Half Session Pass – $9.50, Full Session Pass – $11.50)
  • Fairmont Hot Springs Pool Hours: Hotel guests (24 hour access), Day guests (8:00 am until 8:30 pm, closing times varies seasonally)
  • Other Things to Do Near Fairmont Hot Springs: cross-country ski at Mount Haggin Ski Area, hike in the Pintlers, explore uptown Butte, mountain bike, fish.

Elkhorn Hot Springs – Polaris, Montana

It’s rustic, but lovely. Tucked into the Pioneer Mountains, Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana has several cabin rentals available, as well as lodge rooms. Breakfast at the lodge is included; dinner is available. There are two outdoor pools and one indoor sauna-pool. Most importantly, miles of cross-country ski trails leave from the cabin doors. And with hot springs near Dillon MT, you can stop at the Patagonia Outlet on your way to or from Elkhorn.

Elkhorn Hot Springs for sale? Not any more. These hot springs have changed owners a couple times since we started visiting, but the new owners seem to really want to make a go of it.

 Elkhorn Hot Springs Montana

  • Stay at Elkhorn Hot Springs or find the best deals on lodging near Elkhorn.
  • 339 Hot Springs Rd., Polaris MT, 722.8978
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Adult ($7.00), Kids 5-15 ($5.00), Kids 0-4 (free)
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8 am–9 pm, Friday/Saturday 8 am-10 pm.
  • Other Things to Do Near Elkhorn Hot Springs MT: Cross-country ski, hike, dig for crystals at Crystal Mountain, snowmobile, Bannack State Park, Maverick Mountain (alpine skiing).

Read about one of our Elkhorn Hot Springs trips here.

Jackson Hot Springs – Jackson, Montana

Jackson Hot Springs was purchased and reopened by the new owners.

Situated near a ghost town and a battlefield, two downhill ski areas and a Nordic ski center, and several mountain ranges, Jackson Hot Springs Lodge is the perfect jumping off point for numerous recreational pursuits. The cavernous lodge hosts a restaurant, bar and dance floor, and leads to an outdoor hot spring-fed swimming pool.

If you keep driving west from Jackson, you’ll end up near Salmon, Idaho. If that’s the case, you might find my Idaho Hot Springs post useful.

Renova Hot Springs – Whitehall, Montana

Renova Hot Springs near Bozeman
Photo: Leah Grunzke/Flickr

Renova hot springs is really easy to get to as it is just off the road. That makes it less than ideal for soaking, but at least it’s a quiet road. Renova Hot Springs is basically a stone and concrete basin along a side channel of the Jefferson River.

According to Jeff Birkby’s Touring Hot Springs: Montana and Wyoming, “You take your chances with Renova Hot Springs because the river level determines whether the springs are submerged, are mixed just right for a nice soak, or are too hot to enjoy,” Birkby wrote. “Heavy irrigation draws from late July until mid-September have the most dramatic impact on water levels in the Jefferson, but often this is when Renova Hot Springs is best for soaking.”

You can check the river level through the National Weather Service’s gauge at Silver Star at Parsons Bridge (but not during the winter months). About 700 cfs is a good level for soaking.

Bring plastic party cups to plug the basin drains.

Renova Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging near Renova Hot Springs here.
  • Take Montana Highway 55 south from Whitehall about 12 miles to the Waterloo turn. Drive south a half mile and take the first right after crossing the Jefferson River. Follow the road for two miles, turning left onto Point of Rocks Road. Follow for about 3.6 miles to the springs, about 200 yards after the fishing access area.
  • Other Things to Do Near Renova Hot Springs: Lewis and Clark Caverns, fishing, floating, rock climbing at Point of Rocks.

Hot Springs Near Missoula MT

Missoula Montana hot springs: From the Pioneer Mountains to the Bitterroot Mountains to the Garnet Ranger, there are several hot springs in western Montana. People are often looking for hot springs near Glacier National Park or hot springs near Whitefish, Montana, but you will have to go a little south and west to find the hot springs nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Same deal with hot springs near Kalispell.

Lucky for Missoulians, there are a bunch of hot springs near Missoula, MT. Missoula hot springs include Quinn’s Hot Springs, Symes Hot Springs, Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat, Rose’s Plunge, and Big Medicine Hot Sprigs to the north, and Lolo Hot Springs and Lost Trail Hot Springs to the south and Nimrod Hot Springs to the east. Some of the best Montana hot springs are near Missoula.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – Paradise, Montana

view from above Quinn's Hot Springs MontanaOne of our favorite natural hot springs near Missoula is Quinn’s Hot Springs Montana. There are five hot pools, each a few degrees warmer than the one next to it, and one river-water-cold pool, which means a perfect soaking temperature for everyone.

The soaking pools range in temperature from 60 to 106 degrees F. The two swimming pools are between 80 and 95 degrees. The staff said the Paradise Montana hot springs are monitored for cleanliness and temperature every three hours and emptied and cleaned every other day.

Quinn’s Hot Springs also has a restaurant and bar, motel rooms, and cabins. Some lodging is for adults only.

These northwest hot springs also qualify as hot springs near Spokane, Washington.

Read my story about Quinn’s Hot Springs MT here.

quinn hot springs montana, quinns hotsprings

Quinns Hot Springs MT

  • Stay in one of Quinn Hot Springs’ cabins or rooms.
  • 190 Quinn’s Canyon Road, Route 135, Paradise, MT, 406.826.3150Ext 1
  • Quinn’s Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Mon-Thurs ($11.00/3 hour session), Fri-Sun and holidays ($13.00/3 hour session), Lodging guests (free), Music cover ($2.00)
  • Quinn’s Hot Springs Hours: 9 am-9 pm in three hour sessions. Call ahead for availability.
  • Other Things to Do Near Quinn’s Hot Springs: Hiking, fishing, soaking in the town of Hot Springs’ hot springs.

Hot Springs MT

Hot Springs, Montana is called that for a reason. It’s a tiny town, less than 600 people, on the Flathead Reservation named after its healing, mineral hot springs. There are several choices here of hot springs near Polson, MT. Because of its microclimate, Hot Springs is often drier and warmer than Kalispell or Missoula. From Missoula to Hot Springs MT is about an hour and a half drive.

This is a great stop on your way to Glacier National Park.

Aside from the hot springs, the town is know for its Hot Springs Artists Society, which brings musical groups to the Symes Hotel on Friday and Saturday evenings. It’s a great place to enjoy the tiny town hot springs and music.

Find the best prices on nearby Hot Springs Montana hotels.

Check the Hot Springs MT weather.

Wild Horse Hot Springs –Hot Springs, Montana

Wild Horse Hot Springs Wild Horse Hot Springs is not technically in the town of Hot Springs, but rather in Glacier Country between Hot Springs and Quinn’s Hot Springs. It was closed (but still used by locals) for five years and reopened in May 2018. The facilities were (and still in the process of being) updated. The 10-acre resort sits on an low bluff overlooking farms fields. There are cabins and tipis along the bluff, which are available for rent. The hot springs site also has a tent campground and RV hookups.

There are several 8X6 hot water plunges. The plunges are supplied by three large wells, including the “Mother Dragon Geyser,” that will eventually feed many more thermal attractions, according to The Missoulian. The springs were discovered in 1912 when a farmer drilled a well. The resulting gusher scoured a long ravine out of the bluff, which will be used for the group soaking area.

Wild Horse Hot Springs, MT

  • Click here for Wild Horse Hot Springs Lodging
  • 175 Camp Aqua Road, Hot Springs, MT, 406.741.3777
  • Wild Horse Hot Springs Prices (8/18): Adult ($8.00), Kids 0-12 ($5.00)
  • Wild Horse Hot Springs Hours: Daily 7 am-1 am
  • Other Things To Do Near Wild Horse Hot Springs: Soak in other hot springs near Glacier National Park, fishing, hiking, horseback riding.

Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths – Hot Springs, Montana

Symes Hot Springs Hotel in Hot Springs MontanaAn underrated hot spring Montana has to offer is the Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths. The mission-style hotel was built in 1930 and has updated rooms. There is also an RV park and tent camping is allowed.

The Symes Hotel hot springs flow into three pools with temperatures around 107-degrees, 101-degrees, and 95-degrees. The Symes Bathhouse Grill and Cantina serves three meals daily and there is an espresso bar for caffeine and snacks. An onsite spa offers massage services.

There is live music Friday and Saturday nights courtesy of the Hot Springs Artists Society and occasional special concerts on Sundays. In the summer the stage moves outside.

Symes Hot Springs MT

  • Click here for Symes Hot Springs Lodging.
  • 209 Wall Street, Hot Springs MT, 406.741.2361
  • Symes Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Adult ($7.00), Kids 0-12 ($4.50), Hotel guests free)
  • Symes Hot Springs Hours: Sunday-Thursday 7 am-10:30 pm, Friday/Saturday 7 am-midnight
  • Other Things to Do Near Symes Hot Springs: Soak in the other hot springs in Hot Springs, Montana, watch birds at Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge, hiking, fishing.

Big Medicine Hot Springs – Hot Springs, Montana

Another one of the hot springs in Hot Springs Montana is Big Medicine. Like all the medicinal waters in Hot Springs, Montana, these springs were first frequented by the Pend d’Orielle Indians who named them. There’s a great view from Big Medicine, a simple tub that’s emptied and refilled each day. Both Big Medicine and Rose’s Plunge are owned by Leroy and Rose O’Bennick.

Big Medicine Hot Springs Montana

  • Bring your own camper or tent, or rent one of the authentic tepees or cabins on the site (call first for a reservation.)
  • North Road approximately 1/2 mile east of Spring Street, 406.741.5140.
  • Big Medicine Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Four hours ($5.00), All day ($8.00)
  • Big Medicine Hot Springs Hours: 8:30 am–5:30 pm
  • Other Things to Do Near Big Medicine Hot Springs: Learn about homesteading and the Flathead Indian Reservation at the LaRue-Hot Springs Museum, get healthy and have your Tarot cards read at the Rainbow Zen Organic Juice Bar, Disc golf onsite, soak at the other hot springs in Hot Springs, MT.

Rose’s Plunge – Hot Springs, Montana

Like Big Medicine Hot Springs, Rose’s Plunge is owned Rose and Leroy O’Bennick and is a quieter, simpler alternative (with all the benefits of hot springs) to the more resort-oriented hot springs in Hot Springs. Rose’s Plunge is part of the Camas Recreation Center, which also hosts yoga classes and acupressure, reflexology, and energy balancing therapies.

Rose’s Plunge Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging near Roses Plunge Hot Springs Mt here.
  • 240 Chisholm Trail Road, 406.741.5001
  • Rose’s Plunge Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Four hours ($5.00), All day ($8.00)
  • Norris Hot Springs Hours: 8:30 am–5:30 pm
  • Other Things to Do Near Rose’s Plunge Hot Springs: Check out the produce and local and fair trade goods at Towanda Gardens Nursery & Trading Post, soak at the other hot springs in Hot Springs, MT.

Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat – Hot Springs, Montana

Unlike the other Hot Springs MT hotels, Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat (sometimes called Alameda Hot Springs) has private hot mineral baths in each suite – there isn’t a shared pool. The 1930s hotel grounds are home to apple and plum trees and an organic garden. Guests will find a 30-foot geodesic dome with wood-burning stove, a geothermal heated floor, and large bay windows. The dome is used for dance, yoga, music, and other gatherings. There is plenty of exploring and relaxing to do at Alamedas hot spring resort.

Alameda’s Hot Springs Montana

  • Book a room at Alameda Hot Springs Montana through their website.
  • 308 Spring Street North, 406.741.2283
  • Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat prices: No pool-only options, private tubs in rooms only
  • Other Things to Do Near Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat: Play at Flathead Lake, bird watch, soak at the other hot springs in Hot Springs, MT.

Lolo Hot Springs – Lolo, Montana

pool at Lolo hot springs near Missoula

Of Missoula, Montana hot springs, Lolo Hot Springs Lodge may be the most famous. Native people have been using the springs since long before Lewis and Clark passed through in 1805. It’s the place where Paul McLean was killed in the book, “A River Runs Through It.” He really died in Chicago, but his brother changed the location for the book.

You probably won’t be murdered in the lodge at Lolo natural hot springs; you will definitely have a great time. There are indoor and outdoor hot springs and pools (depending on the season), a bar, a restaurant, and a casino. The facility includes gaming machines, golf course, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hunting and fishing, cabin rentals, RV site rentals, tents, and campgrounds.

Honestly, the outdoor pool is nice, but the rest is a little run down. People love Lolo anyway.

Lolo Hot Springs Montana

  • Where to Stay: Find the best deals on The Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs and the Lolo Hot Springs cabins. Or look for other Lolo MT lodging.
  • 38500 W. Highway 12, Lolo, MT, 877.451.5117
  • Lolo Hot Springs Prices: (8/20): Senior ($6.00), Adult ($7.00), Kids 5-12 ($5.00), Under 5 (free)
  • Lolo Hot Springs Hours: (Summer) Sunday-Thursday 10 am-10 pm, Friday-Saturday 10 am-midnight, (Winter) Sunday-Thursday 10 am-9 pm, Friday-Saturday 10 am-midnight.
  • Other Things to Do Near Lolo Hot Springs Resort: Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on Lolo Pass, snowmobiling, kayaking and rafting on the Lochsa River, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, golf. It’s just a short distance to undeveloped hot springs, Jerry Johnson Hot Springs and Weir Creek Hot Springs in Idaho

Lost Trail Hot Springs – Sula, Montana

Lost Trail Hot Springs is nestled into the Bitterroot Mountains and as they say, “conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.” The outdoor pool is 92 F in winter and 96 F in summer. The indoor hot tub is a toasty 102 F in winter and 105 F in summer. There is also a dry sauna.

There are ten cabins, including two Jacuzzi cabins, a motel, family reunion lodge, and RV park. The restaurant specializes in fresh dough, thin crust, NY Style Pizza and is open seasonally.

Lost Trail Hot Springs Montana

  • Where to Stay: Book lodging at Lost Trail here.
  • 283 Lost Trail Hot Springs Rd., Sula, MT, 406.821.3574
  • Lost Trail Hot Springs Prices: (1/18): Senior ($6.25), Adult ($8.25), Kids 3-13 ($6.25), Toddlers 1-2 ($2.25)
  • Lost Trail Hot Springs Hours: (Summer) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8 am-9 pm, Tuesday 8 am-3pm, Friday 8 am-10 pm, Saturday 8 am-10 pm. (Winter) Friday 12 pm–9 pm, Saturday 8 am-9 pm, Sunday 8 am–7:30 pm.
  • Other Things to Do Near Lost Trail Hot Springs: Bird watching, hiking, biking, fishing, downhill skiing at Lost Trail Powder Mountain, cross-country skiing at Chief Joseph Pass.

Nimrod Warm Springs – Missoula, Montana

As the name implies, Nimrod Springs is warm – about 70 F—not hot. Nimrod is best visited in summer. This undeveloped hot spring pool is fairly large and deep. One cool features is an underwater cave that you access by swimming under the rock face and popping up a few feet away inside the cave. It’s dangerous and I don’t recommend it, but people do it all the time.

This hot spring near Missoula is adjacent to Highway 90 and in summer, you often see people there while driving by. It’s not a wilderness experience in the least.

Sidenote: a nimrod is both a skillful hunter and an inept person. No wonder English is hard to learn.

Nimrod Warm Springs Montana

  • Where to Stay: Find the best deals on Missoula lodging here (we like the Holiday Inn downtown because it’s close to everything, affordable, and nice/clean).
  • From I-90 exit at Bearmouth/Mile 138, turn north toward the Drummond Frontage Road. Turn left at the Fishing Access sign. Continue to the parking area, about 1500 feet. The interstate runs East to West Nimrod is on the North side of the interstate.

From the comments: “If you are going to Nimrod Hot springs when turning off of the interstate DO NOT cross the rail road tracks. Turn around and go the other direction to THE FRONTAGE ROAD. You Will Not Go Past any mail boxes. Pass a “Do Not Trespass” sign. Through a closed gate. Across a cattle guard. Past a house. Past a barn.”

A Reddit user wrote “Walking from Parking, there is a little more of the old highway surface, then a narrow walk between the steep face and the freeway. After this, If you continue nearer the freeway, it sinks down into a potential alternate parking area. You can see the spring in the far distance straight ahead. Head along until reaching a little past the warm springs to your right, and large pool of water below. Just beyond, you will come upon a concrete road divider someone placed well-in along the fence. Right there, is a place to walk under the fence, and a well-defined gravel path to the spring.”

    • Nimrod Hot Springs Prices: (1/18): free
    • Nimrod Warm Springs Hours: 24/7

Hot Springs Near Glacier National Park

Depending on how you look at the map, K Bar L Ranch hot springs are the only hot springs near Glacier National Park. However, if you leave via the west entrance and Kalispell, the hot springs in the town of Hot Springs aren’t too far either.

There are so many reasons for visiting Glacier National Park; you might not even mind that there aren’t any nearby hot springs.

K Bar L Ranch and Medicine Springs – Augusta

Like most hot springs in Montana, the medicine springs at the K Bar L Ranch were first used by native cultures before explorers, mountain men, and ranchers took them over. Everyone wants to soak in the healing waters springing from the earth.

To jump in this hot spring pool, you’ll have to be a guest of the K Bar L Ranch, as it is now part of their property.

Henry and his family visited the K Bar L when he was a kid and he occasionally reminisces about what an amazing place it is. Hopefully, the boys and I will get to visit one day.

K Bar L Ranch and Medicine Springs Montana

  • Where to Stay: Book your stay at the K Bar L Ranch online.
  • No roads to K Bar L, you have to ride a horse in or walk. In summer a boat works, too.
  • K Bar L Ranch Prices: (1/18) Included with lodging.
  • K Bar L Ranch Hours: 24/7
  • Other Things to Do at K Bar L Ranch and Medicine Springs: horseback riding, hunting, fishing, hiking swimming, caving.

Hot Springs Near Billings MT

There aren’t any hot springs very near Billings, but the water is pretty warm at The Reef Indoor Water Park inside the Bighorn Resort in Billings. And if you drive a bit north, you’ll find Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort as well as undeveloped Montana hot spring, Angela Well. We’ll keep looking for hot springs near Billings, Montana, because I think there may be some undeveloped hot springs not too far away.

You’ll need to rent a car to get to these hot springs if you don’t have one. Discover Cars is easy to use – just search, compare, and save up to 70%. 

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort – Saco, Montana

We haven’t been to this Montana hot spring resort, yet, but we hear that it has been recently remodeled and is really nice. It’s on our list!

There is a hot swimming pool, a hot tub, a cold dip pool, and a dry sauna. The water comes from an artesian well 3,200-feet deep. The temperature is 108 degrees F. They say the water contains many beneficial and essential minerals. Lodging includes tent and RV sites and luxury cabin rentals.

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs Montana

  • Book your Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs lodging on their site.
  • 669 Buffalo Trail, Saco, MT, 406.527.3320
  • Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Senior ($8.50), Adult ($9.50), Kids 5-11 ($8.50), Kids 0-4 ($5.00)
  • Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs Hours: (Fall and Winter) Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 10 am-8 pm, Friday/Saturday 10 am-9 pm, (Spring and Summer) Seven days a week 10 am-9 pm.
  • Other Things to Do Near Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs: Ice fishing, fishing, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta.

Angela Well Hot Springs (CLOSED) – Miles City, Montana

Far from everything, Angela Well hot spring is one of the hottest and most isolated undeveloped hot springs in Montana.  It is one of the more interesting undeveloped hot springs Montana has to offer.

The hot spring is on private property. The ranch owners used to allow access to it, but the site “has been damaged by a steady stream of cars and her cows injured by the inability to get to water,” according to an email I received from the owner’s representation.

“The property is now posted “No Trespassing” and will have a security detail.”

The springs were discovered in the 1950s when an oil company hit hot water rather than oil when drilling an exploratory well, according to the book “Touring Hot Springs: Montana and Wyoming.” Now more than 1,000 gallons of water pour out of a pipe every minute.

Hunters Hot Springs (historical) – Springdale, Montana

Hunter Hot Springs Montana is located between Livingston and Big Timber. The Crow Indians camped and soaked at the hot springs and there are stories of as many as 1,000 teepees pitched around the hot springs. It was developed by Dr. A.J. Hunter, a miner who camped there on his way to Virginia City. Hunter laid claim to the springs and built a pool in 1869. Today the springs are capped.

We live not far from Hunters Hot Springs Montana and I’d love to get over there to see if there is anything left. From what I understand (thanks to our local Facebook group) is that there are a lot of “No Trespassing” signs and even hidden cameras. The landowner wants to keep everyone off his property. When he first purchased the land, he planned to donate old fire hydrants and other parts of the hot spring property to the Park County Historical Society, but they were stolen or vandalized before he could do that.

Hot Springs Near Helena MT

There are three hot springs near Helena Mt – Broadwater Hot Springs, Boulder Hot Springs, and White Sulphur Springs (which is the same distance from Bozeman as Helena).

Broadwater Hot Springs – Helena, Montana

Broadwater Hot Springs near HelenaThese Helena MT hot springs are part of a fitness center and restaurant complex. There is a 30×70-foot free-form saltwater pool, 25x 70-foot recreation pool, 24x 60-foot soaking pool, a hot tub, and a cold plunge. All the pools are outside and filled with natural hot spring water and cooled with water from the Broadwater River.

Broadwater Hot Springs Montana

  • Find the best deals on lodging in Helena, Montana.
  • 4920 W US Hwy 12, Helena MT, 443.5777
  • Broadwater Hot Springs Prices (1/18): Senior ($8.00), Adult ($9.00), Kids 0-10 ($6.00), Military ($8.00)
  • Broadwater Hot Springs Hot Springs Hours: Monday-Thursday 5:30 am-10:30 pm, Friday 5:30 am-11:30 pm, Saturday 8:00 am–11:30 pm, Sunday 9:00 am–10:30 pm
  • Other Things to Do Near Broadwater Hot Springs: Hike and bike in Helena, ride the carousel and visit Exploration Works!, explore Last Chance Gulch, take a boat through the Gates of the Mountains.

Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa – Boulder, Montana

Boulder Hot Springs resort was built in the late 1800s to release tension in the muscles of gold miners. Today it is a bed and breakfast and conference center complete with an outdoor hot springs-fed pool, men’s and women’s indoor plunges, steam rooms, and spa services. The Boulder MT hot springs outdoor pool is the perfect temperature for swimming.

They are all about healthy living at Boulder Hot Springs MT, so leave the booze at home.

Boulder Hot Springs Montana

Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic, White Sulphur Springs, Montana

White Sulphur Springs hot springs in Montana

White Sulphur Springs is one of the quirkier Montana Hot Springs spas, but really, most of them are a little quirky. That’s why we love them. The sulfur hot springs flow into two pools, one a little hotter than the other. The newer pool has a lovely little hot waterfall that feels great as it flows over your shoulders.

The newer pool also has little niches so you can sit with your family or friends in your own space and enjoy the hot water and murals that adorn the walls. In addition to the two outdoor pools, there is a very hot indoor pool and a natural health clinic on the premises.

The pools are drained and cleaned every night.

The Spa Motel has 33 rooms. I recommend staying the “new section.” The pools are free for hotel guests.

Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic, White Sulphur Springs MT

  • Find the best deals on Spa Hot Springs Motel lodging.
  • 202 West Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, MT,547.3366
  • White Sulphur Springs Spa Prices (1/18): Senior ($6.00), Adult ($7.00), Kids 13-17 ($6.00), Kids 6-12 ($5.00), Kids 3-5 ($3.00), Under 3 ($2.00)
  • White Sulphur Springs Spa Hours: 365 days a year 6 am–11 pm.
  • Other Things to Do Near White Sulphur Springs Spa: hiking, biking, fishing, floating the Smith River, stay in the Kings Hill Cabin, cross-country ski at Silver Crest Ski Area, downhill ski at Showdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Montana have hot springs?

Montana has a lot of hot springs. Scroll back up the article to see 28 of the best hot springs in Montana.

What are the best hot springs in Montana?

That’s a subjective question, but in my opinion, the best hot springs in Montana are:

  • Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa – Pray, Montana
  • Norris Hot Springs – Norris, Montana
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs – Polaris, Montana
  • Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – Paradise, Montana
  • Big Medicine Hot Springs – Hot Springs, Montana
  • Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs – Saco, Montana
  • Spa Hot Springs Motel and Clinic, White Sulphur Springs, Montana
  • Boiling River – Yellowstone National Park
  • Angela Well Hot Springs – Miles City, Montana
Where are the natural hot springs?

In general, natural hot springs are found where there is volcanic activity. Think the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean (Japan, the mountains of the western US and Canada).

They can be found where the magma chambers aren’t far below the earth’s crust, such as the Greater Yellowstone Area, or where there are fault lines.

Hot springs can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Iceland.

Of course, hot springs can be found in the Montana and the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Washington, and Oregon).

Are natural hot springs dangerous?

Some hot springs can contain dangerous chemicals or harmful bacteria. Volcanic hot springs, like the ones in Yellowstone National Park can contain water above the boiling point.

The natural hot springs in this article are actually pools where hot spring water and cold river water meet. You can usually control the temperature of the water by letting in more or less cold water. Hot springs have the potential of changing temperature without warning.

At a hot spring resort, the water temperature is carefully monitored and controlled.

Is hot springs water good for you?

Hot springs water can be good for you. Hot water can relax muscles and joints. The heat and pressure from the water blocks pain receptors making you feel better.

Hot water dissolves minerals out of the surrounding rock and into the water. The mineral content depends on rock type, but may include: calcium, iron, magnesium, chloride, silica, lithium, sulfur, and radium. These minerals may soak into your skin and provide benefits, but this is yet unproven.

Soaking in hot water can ease the pain of arthritis, boost blood circulation, and promote sleep. And if it relaxes you and relieves stress, that’s a good thing.

How long should you stay in a hot spring?

Depending on the temperature of the water, 10-15 minutes is a good amount of time in a hot spring. That said, we often soak much longer – getting in and out of the water as needed to keep a comfortable body temperature. I am not a medical professional and am sharing my experience, not advice, but I listen to my body and get out when it feels like enough.

Drink water (you can get dehydrated in hot springs!) and if you feel lightheaded or dizzy, get out carefully.

Why do hot springs smell bad?

Hot water dissolves sulfur out of rock and into water where it is converted to hydrogen sulfide by bacteria. Some people think the rotten egg odor is bad, but it is harmless and you might even grow to like it.

How deep are hot springs?

Hot spring depth is dependent on the hot spring. The pools for soaking mentioned in this article are fairly shallow, meaning you can sit in them. Pools at hot springs resorts vary from shallow to 6-8 feet deep.

Beneath a natural hot spring, fissures may run a mile or so into the earth. This is where the water is heated by the planet’s magma. Scroll to the top of the article for how hot springs form.

Where is Yellowstone Hot Springs?

Yellowstone Hot Springs is located eight miles north of the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park at the south end of the Paradise Valley. 4 E Gate Rd. Gardiner, MT 59030. Phone: 833-977-7464

Where are the hot springs in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone National Park is riddled with hot springs, but the biggest hot spring basins are at Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin, Upper and Lower Geyser Basins in the Old Faithful Area, and West Thumb Geyser Basin on Yellowstone Lake. There are smaller geyser basins throughout the park, both in the front country and backcountry.

Can you swim in the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park?

There are two front country hot springs you can soak in. Boiling River Hot Springs is near Mammoth Hot Springs and requires a 1/2 –mile, flat hike to reach. The other is in the Firehole River off Firehole Canyon Drive, but it is more warm than hot.

Are there hot springs near Glacier National Park?

There aren’t any hot springs close to Glacier National Park. The closest are in Hot Springs, Montana and at Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort. Information on those springs above. It’s about an hour and 45 minute drive from West Glacier to Hot Springs and 2 hours and 15 minutes to Quinn’s Hot Springs.

Does Glacier National Park have hot springs?

There are no hot springs inside Glacier National Park. The closest are in Hot Springs, Montana and at Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort. Information on those springs above. It’s about an hour and 45 minute drive from West Glacier to Hot Springs and 2 hours and 15 minutes to Quinn’s Hot Springs.

What county is Hot Springs, Montana in?

Hot Springs is in Sanders County, Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

colorful hot spring
This is the kind of hot spring you DON’T want to soak in, but it’s pretty to look at. – Yellowstone National Park

All these natural hot springs Montana has dotting the state should keep you busy for awhile, but which other hot springs in MT would you add to the list?

If you want more info on the hot springs around Montana, check out MontanaHotSprings.net.

Hey! Why don’t you Pin this so you don’t forget it….and check out my hot springs board while you are there.


The definitive guide to hot springs in Montana. We’ve listed all the Montana hot spring resorts and undeveloped hot springs in Montana. Plus, how to get there, where to stay, rates, hours, and what to expect.

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  1. Sarah Lilly

    Hi I was trying to research hunters hotsprings and from what I can find I heard it says no trespassing. Do you know if this is true or of they allow people to go to it now? Thanks so much! Your website was very helpful and I really want to check out Angela hotsprings this weekend!

    1. Hi Sarah- Thanks for stopping by! It sounds like there are a lot of “no trespassing” signs and hidden cameras on the property. When the current landowner purchased the property he planned on donating some parts of it to the Park County Historical Society, but people came in and stole things or vandalized things before he could get to it. Now, he just wants everyone to stay away, from what I have heard. You can see a little from the road if you know what you are looking for (and it is marked on Google Maps, but don’t try to get too close. You could always contact the landowner and ask for permission if you are really gung-ho (I have no idea what he would say to that). Good luck and let me know if you find anything out!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for the wonderful article I was just wanting to comment on something I noticed when reading about Wild Horse Hot Springs. It says the location is in Glacier County but I believe the correct County would be Lake Country. Unless they have changed the county lines in recent. I grew up in Hot Springs which is in Sanders County and as far as I know it either butts up to Lake County or Flathead County on that side.?

    1. You are exactly right! My mistake. I meant to write it was Glacier Country (the tourism region) not Glacier County. Thanks for the heads up! I will go back and change 🙂

  3. Bill Butcher

    About 10 years ago we visited a hot spring after leaving glacier natl park. It was on a backroads and right next to a small river , litterly the river flowed right up to it. It was down a small hill and was a very small hot spring pool. There were lots and lots of deer on the rural road going to the hot spring. It was near a fishing access and people would leave candles there at night. Any ideas which hot spring this could be ? We used GPS to find it as it was way out.

    1. Hmmm… I am not sure about this one. I have some feelers out to a few friends who may know, so check back in a day or two and maybe I will have an answer!

    2. Hi Bill- I asked around to a few people who would know about Glacier hot springs and none of us can think of any. Glacier National Park isn’t really a hot springs area. The closest I could come to hot springs near Glacier are the ones in Hot Springs, Montana or Quinn’s Hot Springs (both developed). There are some wild hot springs near Missoula — Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. They are on a river. I didn’t include them in this post since they are in Idaho. I wish I could be more help — if you figure it out, let me know! I’d love to check out these springs.

  4. If you are going to Nimrod Hot springs when turning off of the interstate DO NOT cross the rail road tracks. Turn around and go the other direction to THE FRONTAGE ROAD. You Will Not Go Past any mail boxes.
    Past a Do Not Tresspass
    Through a closed gate.
    Across a cattle guard.
    Past a house.
    Past a barn.
    The interstate runs East to West Nimrod is on the North side of the interstate.

  5. Randy Lios

    Great work travelingmel. Seems you have put a lot of effort.
    One thing, Can we easily kayak in Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort?

  6. Hi Mel – 3 girlfriends and I are heading to Montana this winter to celebrate crossing state #49 off my list before I turn 50. We’d love to dip in hot springs, but would also like to experience a few other great Montana best outdoor activities. I love the idea of Quinns but wonder if there is a better hot spring closer to other great activities (we only have 3 days total in either Jan/Feb). Your advice appreciate!


    1. Hi!
      Yes, Quinn’s is wonderful (make a reservation- even just to soak!) and it’s a good location if you are coming from Washington.

      I’d also recommend Yellowstone Hot Springs or Chico Hoy Springs as they are close to Yellowstone and adjacent to lots of National Forest and recreation opportunities, including dog sledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, hiking etc.

      In fact, I lead a women’s trip in the area in February and do all of those things 😉 https://travelingmel.com/womensyellowstone-winter-hygge-trip/

      Have fun!!

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